2018 Triennial Archive

Reading, Writing, Publishing

A two-volume exhibition catalog created in collaboration with the Art History Department of Ohio State University, published by Cleveland Museum of Art and designed by Wkshps

For the first FRONT Triennial an exceptional group of graduate students at Ohio State University, who brought their own particular expertise—whether in Chinese new media, experimental film, Middle Eastern culture, feminist performance, orLatin American history—to
 the project of opening up the work of every artist while simultaneously not pinning it down or limiting what exactly it would be or do in the context of the forthcoming exhibition. Michelle Burdine, Lindsay Coffman, Julie Defossez, Julie Ghislaine Dentzer, Marisa Espe, James Hansen, Linda Huang, Stephanie Kang, Anna Schuer McCoy, Sari Patnaik, Kevin Pementel, Alice T. Phan, Sharbreon Plummer, Rachel Richman, Kris Roberts, Alanna Simone, and Eunice Uhm spent a semester researching the artists and crafting short introductions to their work. The artist entries in this book represent the individual and collaborative labor of writers who have imagined this exhibition in their minds long before getting to experience it in the world.

—Kris Paulsen,Associate Professor Department of History of Art, Ohio State University