2018 Triennial Archive

An American City is a multipart program of interconnected “cultural exercises” encompassing museum exhibitions, commissions, site-specific interventions, public programs, residencies, publications and research projects.

Artist Focus

The principal exercise of An American City comprises projects by invited artists in the partnering institutions, as well as in public, outdoor and unconventional spaces.

Canvas City

In tribute to one of Cleveland’s most influential artists, Julian Stanczak, Canvas City will recreate the mural Stanczak made in 1973 for the Cleveland Area Arts Council’s City Canvas program. 

The City as Readymade

A program that will examine several sites, buildings and locations in Cleveland that carry social, cultural or political significance in its urban history and offer insight into the narratives behind the city’s development. 

FRONT Film Program

A specially designed theater inside the Transformer Station that will present a daily program of film and video works with specific schedules and introductions to the artists’ films.

Curatorial Correspondents

An ongoing dialog with ten Curatorial Correspondents from around the world. 

Digital Infinities

Expanding the reach of FRONT to a worldwide audience.

The Glenville Exchanges

A series of public programs taking place at the PNC Glenville Arts Campus, starting in the fall of 2017.

The Great Lakes Research

A two-part program consisting of a research and lecture tour as well as an exhibition to be held at the Reinberger Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art.

The Madison Residencies

An artist-in-residence program starting in the fall of 2017, based at the newly developed PNC Glenville Arts Campus on the east side of Cleveland. 

Reading, Writing, Publishing

A series of three publications created in collaboration with the Art History Department of Ohio State University and designed by the office New York design Wkshps.


Movements is an exploration of time and bodies within the space of the exhibition.