2018 Triennial Archive

Visible Collective (2001-2007)

Akron Art Museum
1 S High St
Akron, OH 44308
Tues–Sun: 11–5, Thurs: 11–9


Visible was a New York-based collective of artists, organizers, and lawyers fighting the post-911 security panic. Members worked together in the 1990’s in New York advocacy and arts organizations, including SAMAR (South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection), YSS (Youth Solidarity Summer), Blue Triangle Network, 3rd I South Asian Film, Mutiny Asian Underground, and Brecht Forum. Their project Disappeared In America appeared initially at migrant rights rallies from 2001-04, and had its museum premiere at Queens Museum of Art in the 2005 exhibition, “Fatal Love: South Asian American Art Now” (curator: Jaishri Abhichandani / Prerana Reddy), which was also the first major US show of the category of “South Asian America.” Members of Visible included Naeem Mohaiemen, Ibrahim Quraishi, Vivek Bald, Aimara Lin, Anandaroop Roy, Sehban Zaidi, Anjali Malhotra, Donna Golden, Kristofer Dan-Bergmann, Toure Folkes, Aziz Huq, Sarah Olson, Uzma Rizvi, and Jee-Yun Ha. The work was published in print, including Sun Never Sets: South Asian Migrants in the Age of U.S. Power (NYU, 2013).