2018 Triennial Archive

Lauren Yeager

Vista Warehouse A
2048 Fulton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113
Hours: Friday – Sunday 11am-5pm

Sculpture Bases

A sculpture base is more specific than a pedestal. It is informed by its sculpture—or in this case, a sculpture base informs us about the omitted sculpture. It has a formal and material relationship to the form it supports. A sculpture base is a sculpture, with an absence. 

Familiar, recognizable materials combined through simple and direct processes allow the works to trickle out of the exhibition context and follow the visitor back into the regular world. The continual process of combining and reimagining commonplace objects and everyday components enhances my ability to perceive my immediate surroundings as a bank of possibilities. 

The objects are reconfigured but largely unaltered. With original functions maintained, the link to their contextual origins is also preserved. The works have the ability to fluctuate between contexts, to be both formal exhibited sculptures and relics of personal histories and daily monotony. 

—Lauren Yeager 

Artist Biography

Lauren Yeager, b. 1987, is a multidisciplinary artist working in Cleveland, Ohio. Responding to her urban surroundings and daily experiences, she collects, re-purposes, and redistributes banal objects in ways that push them beyond their normal contexts and expand their purposes. In a recent catalog Yeager explained, “The relevance of my work does not depend on a specific geographic location, but a more common, contemporary experience of everyday urban and suburban life. Placing familiar objects into unfamiliar configurations and contexts frees them of their assimilated functions, and promotes a free-form engagement with our everyday surroundings.” In this respect, her work is more about interacting with any given environment in an effort to reimagine its organization, its meaning, and its active relationship with its participants.

Past exhibitions include Realization is Better than Anticipation, MOCA Cleveland, 2013, and Women to Watch: Ohio, Reinberger Galleries, 2015.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture, Cleveland Institute of Art, 2009.