2018 Triennial Archive

Julie Ezelle Patton

Permaculturist, Poet, Performer, Visual Artist, Julie Ezelle Patton is the author of Using Blue To Get Black, Notes for Some (Nominally) Awake, and A Garden Per Verse (or What Else Do You Expect from Dirt?). She is a recipient of a Doan Brook Association 2012 Watershed Hero Award, Acadia Arts Foundation Grant, New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellowship, New York City Arts-in Education Roundtable Award for Sustained Achievement, and Houston Museum of Fine Arts Core Residency Fellowship. She has taught at New York University and Naropa University. Julie currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio and New York City.

Patton operates the Let it Bee Ark Hive (LIB), a living, breathing residential dwelling.  The Glenville dwelling has served as a housing cooperative dating back to 1949, a literary aerie, and a community green space.

The most recent focus and the locus of the Let it Bee Ark Hive‘s FRONT opening weekend tour, is the Womb Room Tomb of Virgie Ezelle Patton, a memorial dedicated to Virgie (1928-2015), a multi-faceted visionary artist whose creative meditations are still central to the lives of many Northeast Ohioians. The Let it Bee Ark Hive captures the spirit of the old East Village (NYC) and is the artistic collage of a colorful human family. All this gets unpacked, literally and figuratively, in a private 1913 Glenville brownstone. Parts of this building will be open to the public. Be a witness to history as a community space and as a creative enterprise. The curious get to be a mosca domestica—”a fly on the wall”. Explore the messiness of art and life, work and play, patching things up in an collage of being.

The door to the Let it Bee Ark Hive may not always be open for the duration of the FRONT International, but www.letusbeeback.com is. Catch us there for all that is to be said and done, including upcoming events, bookings and other opportunities for engagement.